I hate my dentures, what do I do?


Complete denture wearers suffer with about 20% or less of the natural function they used to enjoy when they had teeth.  They suffer with adhesives and embarrassing situations such as having the dentures come out in public while speaking or sneezing.

Can’t something be done?  YES!  Nobel Biocare is a leading implant company that has developed a system called “Bar Attachment Denture” that can solve this problem once and for all.  Their system involves four or more titanium implants placed in each dental arch with a stream-lined denture that screws into place.

I still have teeth the are not savable, does this work for me too?  YES!

Do the teeth come out?  Only once a year for maintenance and cleaning at the dental office.  Otherwise, they ARE your teeth.  No more adhesives.  No more taking them out at night and putting them in a glass.

How well do they work?  Chewing efficiency and function is FOUR TIMES better than dentures alone.  All foods are back on the menu.   You don’t feel the individual pressure from each tooth, just on the implants.  Therefore you still lack the tactile sensitivity that natural teeth have.

My dentures feel bulky like I’m wearing a mouth guard, how is this different? There is no longer excessive denture material next to the cheek, lips or on the palate.  The final prosthesis is just the teeth and enough pink acrylic to cover the titanium bar underneath.

How soon do I get my teeth?  Immediately!  The implants are fixed with temporary teeth at the time of the surgery.  After about 3 months a final set of teeth is made.

Can I customize my look?  Yes!  The final teeth can match any shade, shape, position, and other features of your former teeth.  We can use old pictures too.  A mock-up can even be fitted into your mouth to see how it looks before it is completion of the teeth by the lab.

How bad is the surgery, does it hurt afterward?  No worse than getting a tooth pulled.  Most patients say that it is painless.  Sedation is used so that you have no memories of the surgery at all.

Sounds too good to be true.  How much does it cost?  There is a flat rate of $20,000 per arch.   Yearly maintenance following the procedure costs $300 per arch which includes changing out the screws and cleaning the teeth.

How do I learn more?  Contact my office at 972-335-4145 to schedule a no cost consultation.  Tell the receptionist you are interested in the “Bar Attachment Denture” consultation.

I hope this has helped you learn more about the options that you have when it comes to getting rid of your dentures.

Philip N. R. Estes, DDS