Does it make sense to have dental insurance?

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Frustrated about dental insurance?   We can help!  We work with most PPO type plans and can help you navigate through the plethora of insurance companies.  If that isn’t enough each company has a multitude of plans types and options.  Selecting the right plan to fit your needs is critical.  Having the wrong plan can cost you a lot of money over the yeas.

What about just going cash?  Sometimes the best insurance is no insurance at all.  If you evaluate your risk and are good about having money available should the need arise, maybe you can pocket the premiums.  After a few years of setting aside the same money that you would have used to pay for insurance premiums, you can usually afford quite of bit of work.  This takes discipline and dedication.

If you are a new patient and don’t have insurance, we offer a low-risk comprehensive exam and x-rays for only $99.  With the exam you will get a treatment plan and complete estimate for your dental care needs.  That can assist you in figuring out how much need, or lack thereof, for insurance that you have.

We accept CareCredit  which can help you spread out the burden of dental fees over a six month period with no interest monthly payments.  Ask Jenny for more details.  972-335-4145.

There are good points to insurance to be sure.  For starters, going to a participating office limits how much you can be charged as the rates are already negotiated.  Even if the plan does not pay for certain items, it still saves you money.

Secondly, insurance companies do their homework to ensure that each office meets basic standards of care and maintains them.  This protects you as a consumer who might not know anything about dentistry.

Thirdly, if you do not keep much of a cushion of cash in your budget, insurance allows you to minimize the impact of an expense.

Whatever your situation we want you to have the tools available to you in order to make the best informed choices to save you money and to make the treatment you need a reality.  Because in the end, we want you healthy and happy!

I hope this information has helped.  Please contact our office for your specific concerns.

-Dr. Philip N. R. Estes