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Why do teeth hurt?

 Why do teeth hurt? Sometimes it is helpful to understand what is going on in your body.  Knowledge can give you a sense of control over the situation. I find this to be true for my patients who have tooth pain.  The problem is that most people try to cover up the pain with medication […]

When should my child get braces?

A common question I get asked is “When should my child get braces?”  The answer is an ambiguous “it depends” and then I open up some key factors to consider: First of all, braces are for kids who already take good care of their teeth.  “Do you question your kid’s oral hygiene?  Do you constantly […]

Are Baby Teeth Important?

Are Baby Teeth  Important? Simply put, yes! I have seen many parents opt to pull their child’s baby tooth rather than fill a cavity because “it is only a baby tooth and will come out eventually anyway.” Baby teeth serve important purposes such as helping the child to speak and chew normally.  Baby teeth also […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Oak Dental Frisco now is offering through Patterson Dental and Airway Management the Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP). The TAP is a proven treatment modality for patients suffering from snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The TAP fits over the teeth similar to a mouth guard and advances the jaw forward during sleep, keeping the airway open and […]

I hate my dentures, what do I do?

Complete denture wearers suffer with about 20% or less of the natural function they used to enjoy when they had teeth.  They suffer with adhesives and embarrassing situations such as having the dentures come out in public while speaking or sneezing. Can’t something be done?  YES!  Nobel Biocare is a leading implant company that has […]

Does it make sense to have dental insurance?

Frustrated about dental insurance?   We can help!  We work with most PPO type plans and can help you navigate through the plethora of insurance companies.  If that isn’t enough each company has a multitude of plans types and options.  Selecting the right plan to fit your needs is critical.  Having the wrong plan can cost you a lot of […]

What do I do if a tooth gets knocked out?

Injuries always involve a certain level of shock.  The victim will not be thinking clearly.  Throughout treatment calmly talk to the injured person and assure them that help is coming.    Whenever there is trauma to the body always look for head injuries too.  If any injury causes loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, breathing trouble, extreme pain, threat […]

Title: What is a root canal and why do I need one?

Anytime you say the woods “root canal” most people suddenly have the urge to be somewhere else, even at work, driving in heavy rush-hour traffic, doing their taxes, or visiting with their in-laws. Okay, so if this is such a terrible event, why is it done?  And if it must be done, how can we make […]

Title: What exactly is a cavity?

Cavities are an infection caused by bacteria that find their way into teeth.  Eventually they get through the enamel (the outer white part of the tooth).  I liken this to a shield.  It is the strongest stuff in the body, much harder than bone.  Even so, bacteria infect the enamel and then enter the next […]

Title: When should I take my child to the dentist for the first time?

There is much confusion about this topic so I have decided to write about it in this blog. Traditionally, general dentists have…well…not enjoyed treating infants and toddlers so they have said to bring children in once they can be reasoned with at about age 3 to 4.  The problem with this is that children begin […]